Unleash the Magic of DIY Castor Oil Packs!

Unleash the Magic of DIY Castor Oil Packs!

Kirsty McDaide

Castor oil packs are like little bundles of natural goodness you can apply to your skin for a multitude of benefits. From soothing skin conditions to improving blood circulation and aiding digestion, these packs have got you covered! Dive in to absorb more 😜

So, what exactly is a castor oil pack?

It's a piece of wool or cloth soaked in castor oil, and trust us, it's about to become your new best friend. They feel like a perfect hug and snugs on a drizzly day when you’re inviting your moon in.

Ensure you use:



  • Reduce fine lines
  • Increase eyelash, eyebrow and hair growth
  • Liver and gallbladder health
  • Lymphatic support
  • Constipation
  • Fibroids
  • Period pain
  • Ovarian/breast cysts
  • Joint pain or inflammation
  • Endometriosis
  • Anxiety & sleep challenges


Here's a sneak peek into how to make your very own castor oil pack:


Ingredients and Supplies:

  • Castor oil (look for the hexane-free kind for extra goodness)
  • Unbleached wool or cotton flannel
  • Medium container or bowl
  • Tongs
  • Scissors
  • Plastic sheeting
  • Tea towel
  • Hot water bottle or heat pack



  • Cut your wool or cotton flannel into pieces, roughly 12 inches by 10 inches, or to the size of the area you want to treat
  • Grab at least three to four pieces to make your pack
  • Pour that luscious castor oil into your container, enough to completely soak a piece of cloth
  • Dive one piece of cloth into the oil until it's dripping with goodness
  • Lay it flat on your plastic sheet
  • Repeat steps 4-5 for the other pieces
  • Layer those oil-soaked cloths on top of each other
  • Voila! Your castor oil pack is ready to roll!
  • Don't forget, once you're done to pop your oil pack back in the container and in the fridge for next time. Each on can be used up to 30 times.


How to Use Your Pack:

  • Find a comfy spot and lay down on a towel or sheet to catch any oil drips
  • Place your pack on the area you want to treat, like your tummy for digestive bliss, liver, sore knees or even your throat. I'll would love to just bath in it to be honest
  • Cover it with a little plastic sheet, this will aid to keep in the warmth and create snugness
  • If you're feeling fancy, add a hot water bottle or heating pad for extra coziness. I can highly recommend this
  • Let the pack work its magic for about 45 minutes to an hour. You can even leave it over night if you like
  • When it's time to bid adieu, wipe off any excess oil with a warm damp towel and store your pack for next time.
  • These are best done consistently, over a few days to see the best results vs. a once off

Words of Caution:

  • Test the waters with a patch test if you're new to castor oil packs – safety first!
  • Avoid microwaving your pack – trust us, it's not a good idea. They ruin Christmas
  • Keep away from recent injuries or irritated skin – let those boo-boos heal in peace
  • Do not use do when pregnant or breastfeeding, there has not been enough research done on the cross over to the baby


So, there you have it – your ticket to DIY wellness in the form of a castor oil pack! Get ready to pamper yourself and let the natural goodness flow. Enjoy team, your body will thank you! 🌿✨

Love KMac & your Jivita team x

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