Surviving the Silly Season: 3 Ways to Stay Healthy this Christmas

Surviving the Silly Season: 3 Ways to Stay Healthy this Christmas

Jivita Lifestyler

The silly season is here.

Although it’s looking a little different this year for some, there is still plenty of opportunity for us to get jolly and potentially swerve off track.

Not sure about you but I’m leaving this year with a bang.

I am going to feel fanforkingtastic this Christmas and here are some things that are going to ensure I get there, all whilst enjoying the joyful moments and skipping to the beat.

Mindful moments

‘What makes your intention have life is when you combine an emotion’
– Dr Joe Dispenza

– Decide today what you want to look like, feel like and sound like during Christmas time. Write it down. Seriously… get a pen and paper, go old skool, or type it into your phone. (writing it down, brings it to life. Thoughts… words… deeds)

Bring this version of you alive. Everyday. Close down your beautiful eyes and become this vision in your mind; really go for it. Only for a few moments (3-5min), let loose, feel into this vision, allow your feelings to take you. Then, go get that day!

Bring that future “you” towards you, each and every morning. Before you know it, you will be standing in that reality with your eyes open.

*I like to do it in the morning before I get out of bed. You do you – do it when you will. Perhaps set a reminder for later in the day if the mornings are a little hectic.

Food and alcohol

‘Fall in love with taking care of your body’

What do we all want to know? How do I wake up MINUS the hangover? How do I keep those extra kgs away? … WELL… here are some things I integrate to keep me closer to the elusive balance.

– It’s freakin’ obvious – it’s free and if we choose it, easy. WATER!!!!

Hydrate early. Drinking a litre or two before 1pm is going to set epic foundation for the rest of the day. (I like to have a big glass of water straight up, then make a big pot of herbal tea to have through-out the morning) Flushing out your liver throughout the morning will hugely help your overall mood and health.

While you’re getting ready to go out, DRINK water.

– Move over spirulina, there’s a new algae in town – Chlorella. Not only will this single-celled freshwater algae blow your mind with its nutritional content but will aid and assist your body to detoxify and feel glorious.

I feel (surprisingly) great, after having a cheeky wine, when I take chlorella. Easily accessible in tablet form.

– Pick great venues that can adapt to your food preferences, if you need them to. Venue selection isn’t always an option BUT if it is, throw up some ideas of places that have better quality options. Ones that are known for having flexible choices on their menus.

Many restaurants now have gluten and dairy free options if this is your flavour. Cutting or minimising these two may go a long way to reducing potential bloat and gut disruption

– When I go out to eat, I pack my secret weapon – digestive enzymes. These humble little tablets pack a punch and create a notable difference.
With many restaurants serving food that I don’t usually eat, I often have adverse reactions. Popping enzymes right before I eat gives my tummy the extra help to stay on track.

*Keeping alcohol consumption low has allegedly resulted in reductions of hangovers too 😉


‘Exercise is like a drug; given in the right quantities at the right time, it can help a person. In the wrong quantities at the wrong time it can hurt the same person.’
-Paul Chek

– Find something that doesn’t feel like a chore; let it make your heart sing. Moving your body with joy will permeate through every cell in your body.

– Check in, how do you feel today?

Depending on your sleep, food, hydration, emotional stressors and the time of the month (ladies), how you feel is going to fluctuate. A LOT. Get used to taking all of these factors into consideration before moving your wonderful body. Then, give yourself a number out of 10. This can give you a RPE (rate of perceived exertion) aiding you to determine how hard to push yourself.

– What kind of movement personality are you?

Do you like to work out with a friend? Do you tend to go too hard, too soft? Will you prioritise everything else before movement?

Work with your strengths and support your weaknesses.

I am all of the above. I prefer company. Sometimes I go too hard. Sometimes too soft. And I can totally get caught up in putting work and everything else before I move. Working with and respecting my eb and flow is how I create a healthy relationship with movement.

If I can’t find a friend, I can join a class (online or in person). Working out my RPE will help me gauge and respect where I’m at – allowing me to know how much to push. And finally, I’ve worked out for me, my exercise has to go in my diary FIRST!

And most of all remember you allowed to be a masterpiece and a work in progress simultaneously. Be kind to yourself x consider who you want to be and have FUN!!!!!!

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