Liposomal Elderberry Defense by Cymbiotika

Liposomal Elderberry Defense by Cymbiotika

Jivita Lifestyler

Cymbiotika mix up some amazing immune-boosting delicacies. Elderberry Defense is one of our favs (well… one of the many). It is a powerful immune booster supporting year round wellness,  for the whole family (safe for 2 years +). Even the fussy eaters will say YUM. 😋

Elderberry is a potent antiviral that blocks the flu virus from entering the cell and inhibits early stages of infection. It contains chemical compounds called anthocyanidins, which are known to have immuno-stimulant effects. Super booster!

Cymbiotika Liposomal Elderberry Defense contains natural vitamin C, quercetin, and phenolic acids: all vital to a healthy immune system. Combined with zinc, copper, echinacea, and selenium, this powerful hypertonic stimulates the immune system and creates overall wellness.

Liposomal Elderberry Defense is the ultimate defence against colds and flu, but other health benefits include:

  • Sinus infection aid
  • Lowers blood sugar
  • Natural diuretic
  • Natural laxative
  • Eases allergies
  • Encourages healthy skin
  • Respiratory system aid
  • Enhances the immune function by boosting the production of cytokines and raising white blood cell count
  • Potent anti-viral & anti-influenza
  • Natural support for arthritis
  • Supports nerve pain
  • Reduces inflammation


We also love that the high quality ingredients in this potent deliciousness come from organic, wild crafted sources, the way nature intended. Below are some of the powerful ones:

  1. Elderberry: made from 100% pure, organic freeze-dried elderberry juice, no concentrates, no syrups. Hippocrates, “the father of medicine”, referred to the Elderberry tree as his “medicine chest”. Packed full of antioxidants.
  2. Echinacea: extracted from the flower. It is powerful for so many antimicrobial activities.
  3. Selenomethionine: is the purest form of selenium – bound to methionine for optimal absorption. Selenium supplementation may provide protection against mercury, cadmium, and other toxic heavy metals; support glutathione and lower the risk of cancer.
  4. Zinc bis-glycinate: Zinc is a trace element that plays a powerful rule in immune health. The bioavailability of bis-glycinate is superior to other forms of zinc. It does not compete with other minerals for absorption. Zinc has critical effects in homeostasis, in immune function, in oxidative stress, in apoptosis, and in aging.
  5. Organic Monk Fruit: derived from lao han guo berry. A solid pre-biotic and sweetener alternative with zero grams of sugar and carbohydrates.

And best of all, you and your fam can experience nature’s wisdom through the science of Cymbiotika. They have developed the Liposomal Micelle delivery system. This patented technology ensures maximum absorption by radically increasing the bioavailability of these immune enhancing nutrients.

Read more about Cymbiotika here for all the other amazing ethics followed by this brand.

Lick this elderberry taste-sensation off the spoon – you will soon be dancing on the tables!

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