How to Make Bone Broth and 9 Key Benefit

How to Make Bone Broth and 9 Key Benefit

Jivita Lifestyler

If this is your first-time investigating bone broth, you and your health are in for a remarkable treat. Go you!

Buckle up and discover this ‘liquid gold’ treat; it will spark your taste buds, boost your immune system, heal your gut, and give your skin a youthful glow (a natural Queen’s Botox)

Homemade bone broth is delicious and has so many benefits

Why Bone Broth

So why are bone broths so revered?

Nourishing broths date back to Stone Age and have continued to be consumed all these thousands of years later, because they contain amazing health benefits.

Unfortunately, there are few relevant scientific studies researching bone broth and its health benefits, however, it has been around in traditional cultures for years. Broth is a traditional, nutrient-dense food; it is amazingly potent.

Our ancestors used the remains of the animals that they could not consume such as bones, cartilage, marrow, feet, ligaments, and tendons and simmered them in water over a number of days. Might sound off-putting to you but this resulted in liquid gold; so many nutritious vitamins, minerals and compounds being made available for human consumption including gelatin, collagen, glycine, glucosamine and amino acids.

Sounds too scientific?

Keep reading to find out why bone broths were valued for their healing powers.

Adding Bone Broth to your Diet

9 reasons why YOU should consider adding bone broth to your diet

1. It is easy to make, is economical and is inexpensive

Use up your old vegetables in the fridge; buy organic, grass fed bones and carcasses from the butcher. We believe organic is an absolute MUST for bone broth! Non-organic bones will have hormones and antibiotics residing in them. You don’t want to draw them out and consume those little nasties. Keep it clean.

Use a carcass from a chicken you have roasted or bones from meat you have cooked and simmer either on the stove or in a slow cooker for hours. You may have thrown these bones out in the past– but now you can use them for your nourishment.

Easy, cheap, healthy and yummy!

2. It supports skin, nails, hair and anti-aging

The collagen and glucosamine assist with anti-aging – giving elasticity to those spots you are sure didn’t look like that five years ago J.

It supports the connective tissue enhancing the elasticity of the skin helping it to shine.

It also encourages growth of your nails and hair – so they will be strong and healthy.

3.  It supports connective tissue, ligaments, joints, bones, cartilage and tendons

It helps to hold your body together and to facilitate your dancing moves and gym workout. Touch your toes and bounce around when you are 80!

The amino acids support the connective tissue and increase flexibility and cartilage restoration.

4. It aids detoxification

Glycine, which is abundant in bone broth, aids with the synthesis of glutathione which supports the liver in detoxing chemicals and toxins from your body.

Remarkable and natural cleansing for the body.

5. It assists in healing leaky gut

Gelatin and collagen found in bone broth helps to heal the gut lining, the GI tract and reduce food sensitivities. It also assists in many other digestive issues.

And there is more, keep reading so we can reveal even more amazing benefits.

6. It stimulates immunity

Glutamine stimulates immune cells.

Bone broth aids in healing the gut, but did you know that approximately 70% of the immune systems resides in the gut?

If the gut improves, so does the immune system.  Avoid those colds and stay immune-strong!

7. It aids digestion and the absorption of nutrients

The glycine contributes to gastric acid secretion which aids digestion.

Broth also contains many bio-available sources of nutrients which assists in the absorption of other nutrients from other foods.

Make your body an effective, fit, fighting machine!

8. It plays an important role in wound healing

It enhances the recovery from post- surgery, burns, wounds, injuries and many other illnesses.

Gelatin was used during World War 1 to improve wound healing and for blood transfusions as blood was limited.

In the 1960s, Dr Prudden conducted many experiments relating to cartilage and wound healing. He found that it did indeed speed up wound healing.

So, if your friend is recuperating from an operation, can we suggest that you take them a cup of bone broth rather than flowers??

And finally…

9. Mood and cognition

Feeling down?

Can’t stay focused?

Glutamine ‘is a “brain food” that crosses the brain barrier.’ It is thought that this may be the reason why broth helps with depression, mood swings and irritability conditions. It helps improve mental clarity and supports neurotransmission.

Can you understand why we absolutely love bone broth?

Have we convinced you?

If you are super time poor,

Or want some to store for those ‘just in case’ moments,

Or plain don’t feel like embarking on the bone broth task…. we recommend organic dehydrated bone broth or organic bone broth concentrate. But be sure to buy broths made from beautiful, organic, wholesome and natural ingredients.

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