Creating a Conscious Christmas – 9 Tips for Staying Low Tox and Sustainable

Creating a Conscious Christmas – 9 Tips for Staying Low Tox and Sustainable

Jivita Lifestyler

We can all get carried away spoiling each other sometimes. Christmas is an easy time when we have a greater potential to forget the impact our purchases may have. We have cut it down for you, making it simple to give epic gifts, whilst staying low tox and sustainable.

It is a wonderful time for us to continue our conscious journey. To implement awareness around minimizing waste and sustainable gift-giving. All the while showing love and gratitude for our family, friends and this beautiful, jaw-dropping Mother earth.

Let’s connect to what we want to see in our future and enjoy the pleasures that come with giving and receiving heart-felt gifts.

1. Buy local

Support your local community, small business and neighbour. Buying local can go a huge way to building a conscious, sustainable economy for our community.

Enjoy the extra connection these gifts give too. Often the most cherished gifts have a face, an experience, a story and extra energy that comes with that.

2. Is this plastic? Is there an alternative?

So many amazing companies create unbelievable, mostly (if not fully) compostable options. Chrissie gifts don’t need to outlive our grandchildren this year 😊

3. Is this necessary?

We can overindulge; often buying gifts that go unused. This year, pause and give a moment’s thought to what someone may enjoy receiving, rather than what you would like to give.

Put yourself in their shoes for a moment, think about their life, their current needs and a perfect gift will come to you.

4. Encourage children to hand down/give toys they no longer use. Re-use.

We love the idea of giving before receiving. Go through the things you own and see if there are things you can pass on. Give to charities. A beautiful practice to teach littlies – the pleasures in both giving and receiving. So many yummy lessons in this.

5. Reduce your wrapping waste.

Save old packaging, wrappings and material. These can go a long way into making pressie wrapping fun, inventive and sustainable.

Did you know most wrapping papers have plastic and toxic dyes running throughout them?
a. Re-use wrapping paper
b. Buy compostable, no-tox dye wrapping paper (you’ll be surprised how many there are around)
c. Re-use a box
d. Buy presents already in eco-friendly wrapping
e. Be creative 😊

6. Some great questions to run through before making a purchase. Ask yourself:

– How was this made?
– Is this made ethically?
– Is this eco-friendly?
– Is this low toxin?
Then consider whether you are ok with the answers to these questions.

7. Conscientious food waste

If you have leftovers, enjoy a cook up the next day. Have friends over or share with the neighbours.

Super easy to have lots of waste here. Try to plan – minimise food waste. Or… get some chickens 😉

8. Your presence may be the present

– Go for a day trip
– Cook a meal
– Enjoy an experience together
ZERO waste!

9. Compostables.

9. If you’re taking the party outside and don’t want to use your best china, grab compostable plates and cutlery. In all good stores  Thank goodness no more need for the pesky plastic.

Enjoy being present and in the moment with your loved ones. Christmas can be triggering for many. Embrace your compassionate side and embrace being inclusive. Pop your phone in your bag and dance the experience of celebrating together, whatever that might bring.

Last but not least, HAVE FUN and Merry Christmas.😍

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