Ashwagandha: What are the Health Benefits?

Ashwagandha: What are the Health Benefits?

Jivita Lifestyler

Withania Somniferum is this beauty’s botanical name.
Somniferum is Latin for inducing sleep.

Ashwagandha is an adaptogen, super-herb and a beautifully nourishing adrenal tonic for those who are wired, exhausted or depleted. I can hear all of those tired parents’ ears suddenly pricking up…

We all have moments of feeling like we have burnt the candle at both ends. This kind, gentle adaptogen is a definite must in everyone’s pantry for just this occasion.

Ashwagandha has proven benefits for men and women

The Amazing Effects of Ashwagandha

When I first put Ashwagandha in my life, I had a sleep that I’d forgotten was possible. That is to say, I actually woke up feeling refreshed.

Sad to think I had forgotten what that felt like.

I devoured Ashwagandha in my daily routine for a week with amazing results. Then like every other food in my life, I rotated it out for a week. I still wanted it to pack a punch when I need it.

(Remember! If you like it… rotate it)

A Super Herb Unlike any Other

Ashwagandha is not only a calming super-herb, it is also energizing as it works with your body to bring you back into balance.

The Top twelve reasons for having Ashwagandha in your dream team

1. Supports sleep. Helps you fall asleep faster and increases REM sleep.

Researchers in a sleep institute in Japan found that an active component of Ashwagandha significantly induces sleep.

Blending it with water (doesn’t really taste of anything) or gently warming (heating it too much will destroy the precious enzymes) it with a night time nut mylk and you’ll be on the fast track to a dreamy night’s sleep.

2. Great for convalescence (recovery from sickness)

As an immunity booster this wonder herb will work with your system to help bring it back into balance.

3. Pregnancy

Well known for its ability to increase the quality of semen for conception, Ashwagandha can also assist the female reproductive system. It can help in boosting mood and balancing out hormones. This may contribute to creating the perfect environment for a couple to create new life.

Once pregnant however, there are a differing of opinions. Some practitioners feel that the strengthening attributes of Ashwagandha will confer to the mother and fetus aiding growth and health.

Others think that because Ashwagandha has the possibility to bring on menstruation, it should be avoided or limited to less than half a teaspoon a day, once you are pregnant.

4. May aid in anxiety and depression

Reports of elevation and stabilization of mood has been reported when Ashwagandha have been taken over five days or longer.

In my clinical experience, I’ve had a number of clients trial Ashwagandha and many have noticed a huge lift in mood. Many report feeling more vibrant and content within themselves.

Many of my clients have trialed Ashwagandha. They all have noticed upward shifts in their moods. Ashwagandha really has a positive impact.

With complete excitement I am sharing this information with you. Such a simple, inexpensive thing to incorporate into your life with such a big bang. Just incredible!

*Important to not only rely on Ashwagandha to do all the work. Be present with your own life and if you are experiencing any anxiety or depression Ashwagandha is a great addition to professional help and other practices. Also please be aware that it is not advised to have Ashwagandha if on anti-depressant drugs.

5. Boosts immunity

Ashwagandha has a positive effect on white blood cells. This in turn leads to a stronger immune system. The beauty of this – an easy and effective way to bring more vitality into your life.

If you’re dealing with the daily grind of life, with stagnant bodily systems, Ashwagandha can be a gentle, calming way to regain homeostasis.

There has been further research done on animals to observe the effect of Ashwagandha on more serious illnesses. Improvements have been shown in cancers of the brain , mammary , lungs , colon , ovarian and prostate .

If you are experiencing an overactive thyroid, blood pressure issues and/or cancer you should always consult a functional medicine doctor before adding new foods/adaptagens into your regime. Ashwagandha can increase thyroid activity and interact with common blood pressure and/or cancer medications.

6. Improves adrenal function, energy endurance and stress tolerance

Ashwagandha may aid in the harmonious communication between the hypothalamic, pituitary and adrenal glands resulting in supporting the HPA Axis function. This may assist in giving the adrenals a gentle boost .

I don’t know about you, but I know that this alpha-driven Chicka could always use some adrenal support.

When the adrenal glands aren’t being chronically bashed, the body can tolerate higher stress levels.

Who has felt completely ‘wired’ when something small has resulted in a totally over-the-top reaction?

If this is you, this might be the perfect adaptogen to help calm down your life.

7. Increases physical performance: growth and strength

Many research studies have shown, in depth, that Ashwagandha may improve physical composition and increase strength .

Healthy men who took a dosage of 750-1250mg/day gained noteworthy musculature strength over 30 days

8. Improves mental performance and brain function

As stated earlier in this ‘rabbit hole’ we have just dived into, I have personally experienced, and seen many clients, have huge changes in their mental state after adding Ashwagandha into their lives.

However, let’s look at the science as to why this could potentially be happening (without stating the most obvious reason: the epic company they are keeping!).

Studies have shown that Ashwagandha promotes antioxidant activity that contributes to protecting nerves cells from harmful free radicals. This in turn assists in the reduction of memory and brain function problems caused by injury or disease .

Along with many other trials showing similar results, an eight-week study anaylzed 50 adults who took 300mg of Ashwagandha root extract daily. It was found that there were significant improvements in overall memory, attention and task performance .

9. Improves libido, testosterone and sperm count in men

Ashwagandha has been shown to improve the sperm count and quality in males that are infertile or have low fertility . The results are quite outstanding: one research paper recorded an 167% rise in sperm count concentration .

However, there are no studies showing that males with a normal count and/or concentration can turn into Superman. Sorry guys and gals!

10. Improves metabolism and sexual function in women

Researchers have found in women taking ashwagandha experience an increase of libido . This could be attributed to Ashwagandha’s many psychological benefits and stress reduction properties.

If you’re a woman reading this, we all know that if we are stressed, we do not feel like getting ‘jiggy’ and intimate. This is so unlike out male counterparts that usually only require a nod, or less 🙂

Potentially the calmer state can be credited for this increase of interest.

11. Supports organs/systems

Aswagandha has been shown to support the following organs:
– Lungs
– Kidneys
– Heart
– Thyroid
– Nerves
– Bones
– Circulation

In conclusion, this is a ‘forking’ overall high achiever. If you’re looking for a big bang for your health, look no further… Ashwagandha is your lady.

Some of the products we recommend include The Superfeast Ashwaganda and Teelixir Ashwagandha Root.

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