Adding Collagen and Gelatin into your day?

Adding Collagen and Gelatin into your day?

Jivita Lifestyler

How do you add these beauties into your day?

Where do we start ……

Firstly, a great way to introduce gelatin to you diet is to drink stock. Either homemade stock or a high quality bought one (see Gevity).

However, there are some fun ways to introduce powders into your family’s diet.


Collagen is easy. It is a tasteless powder and can be added to almost anything – coffee, smoothie, hot chocolate, milkshake, juice ….limited only by your imagination.


Gelatin is a little trickier as when the powder is mixed with liquid, it forms a jelly-like substance. BUT this is fun and you can make all sorts of delicious treats. One of our favourite recipes is Mango/Berry and Chocolate Cream Gummies. Gummies or jelly can be made from pure fruit juice, coconut milk, pureed fruit, apple cider vinegar … the list is endless.

Another favourite way we like to use gelatin is to add 1 teaspoon to a delicious hot drink. It enhances the creamy texture – yum.

Or, use it to make panna cotta or custard. We will be adding more recipes soon so you can experiment using gelatin.

Have fun. Reach out and let us know how you go. 😋

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