7 “Rona” Resilience, Immune Boosting Tips

7 “Rona” Resilience, Immune Boosting Tips

Jivita Lifestyler

Take your health into your own hands. 🙂 Try these few tips. They may help brighten and lighten your reality as we all move through this tricky time.

1. Structure your day

– Rise with the sun;
– Get up;
– Make your bed; and
– Get dressed!


Then, set yourself some goals – setting how you want your day to be shaped, can help you fill out your day and feel like you’ve accomplished something for you at the end of the day. Have fun, explore something new, dance, sing, exercise, cook, read, have a bath and then snuggle into bed (not too late).

2. Eat real food

Boost your insides by putting vibrant, nourishing grub in there. Lots of colours, delicious proteins and good fats! Your taste buds and tummy will have a party!

Use this time at home, to try some new recipes using wholesome, fresh ingredients. Eating nutrient dense food is an easy immune booster.

Get inspired to cook and check out Jivita’s recipes.

Try our chicken stock recipe . Stock is deliciously healthy drink or use it as a base for soup. Yum 🙂

3. Sweet, slow slumber

Sounds obvious – sleep! However, we all can forget this one when there is just one more episode we want to watch.

Less than 100 years ago we would catch an easy 9 hours between the sheets. Now, as a collective, we are lucky if we sleep for 6-7 hours.

Don’t you love that vibrant feeling when you wake from a deep and restorative sleep and bound out of bed, feeling positive and ready to face the day? In these unusual times, you may find more of an opportunity to sleep, getting into new habits with your bed creates a solid foundation to do the things you want when your eyes are wide open!

Remember to set boundaries around: the TV, your phone, or your computer. Turn them off at least 45 minutes before bed and let the melatonin soar. Melatonin is produced when we sleep, a super hormone which aids deep slumber and promotes healing.

Sleep well, restore your mind and allow your immunity to rise. Read more about natural ways to induce sleep.

4. Exercise

Wake and shake!

Whatever gets you moving – DO IT! Walk, run, hop, skip or swim. Get your blood flowing, emotions moving, head clearing and heart singing.

Whichever way you like to move that sexy body of yours, this is a great time to try something new.

EVERYONE is online!

A few of our favs to get you started:

Flow States Studios  (Yoga, meditation and fitness)
The Fifth Direction (Fitness and meditation)
Warrior One Yoga (Yoga and meditation)
The Space  (Dance)
Dance Dynamics (Dance)      

5. Mental health

Putting into place every point above will go A LONG WAY for this sweet #5.

Although we all have a different tolerance level with isolation, we are all human and need connection to survive and thrive:

  • Stay connected with your family and friends (whoever thought that a glass of wine and a groove over zoom could be so much fun?).
  • Meditation – either guided or by yourself; in each moment allow your heart-brain coherence to grow and flow. In addition to our favs noted above, take a look at the following: One Giant Mind , Smiling Mind, or Dr Joe Dispenza. If meditation is not your thing, try sitting mindfully listening to music or walking slowly looking at nature.
  • Healthy attitude – find your gratitude for the simple things in life; lighten the load of the bigger and heavier things we are all processing.
  • Sun, sea and air! Vitamin D is key to building immunity and for helping you heal physically and mentally. Feel the warmth of the sun on your gorgeous bod. We love this. 🙂

6. Protection from radiation

Using technology more frequently than we normally do, comes with repercussions.

We have all had that moment of feeling exhausted, and then …. we respond to ‘just one more email’ or watch ‘just one more episode’ and boom! WIRED!

You can have your cake and eat it too… kinda 😋

Balance and protect you and your family from the radiation that these devices are emitting.

  • Place your laptop on a Defenderpad Laptop Shield. It helps protect you and your organs from the laptop heat and radiation. It stops 99% of radiation permeating through your lap and groin.
  • Place a Bodywell Radiation Protection Chip on your device. This helps to reduce radiation coming from your phone or device and is scientifically proven to reduce radiation without interfering with your reception.
  • Try donning a pair of Baxter Blue blocking glasses whilst using your screens.
    Wear these beauts at night and have no trouble whisking off to dream land with a smile on your face. Eye strain that develops whilst tapping away for work? What eye strain?????

7. Superfoods & supplements

What would we suggest for that extra bounce in your step?

We prefer to receive our nutrients and minerals from nutrient dense, real food. This is not always possible (Covid19 or no Covid19). Below are some ripper value-adds to any pantry (note, they are all derived from REAL food):

During these unprecedented times, everyone is coping in different ways. Love yourself and show love for others.

Help out if needed. Ask for help if need be. We WILL get through this together. 💞

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